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The Core Four: Principles for Leadership

Leaders make decisions, sometimes we make the right one and sometimes we fail. Any decision that you make, can impact not only your life, but those you lead, and those you love. 

This course will help you define your core values to provide a foundation for relationships both business and personal. When you do fail, because failing is part of leading, your core principles will help you see where you failed, why you failed, and how to get better.



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What you are going to learn

Join me in being refined by failure and not defined by it.

We will go through an evaluation process together, and help you understand how to live your life as a leader based on your core values.
Throughout this course you will: 
  • Discover your personal core rule and how these rules will build the foundations for you to lead.
  • Learn how to build trust and recover when it is lost.
  • Understand that people are so valuable and have the tools to provide them with both physical and emotional safety
  • Learn to measure the real value of your business and the importance of having a profit first mindset and how profit first is really people first.
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Lloyd Brown

Executive Coach
A Visionary Leader with experience in: Oil & Gas Chemical Sales, Risk Management Financing with focus on Group Captives, Employment Staffing Services, Construction Services and Automotive Services. I am a coach and mentor for Executives, Entrepreneurs and those who aspire to be one.

Three time winner of the Inc. 5000 for fastest growing companies in North America as CEO of Smart Chemical Services. Author of the book "Refined by Failure, Breaking Rules and Getting Burned", that focuses on learning from failing to following my own rules as well as how to repeat success from my 10 rules.
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