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Introducing Refined by Failure, a business and life transformation program built upon Lloyd Brown's 30 years of entrepreneurship and leadership experience.

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Our methods will light a fire in you, enabling you to learn from your mistakes and make more confident decisions. These proven methods have already empowered many leaders to write their own success stories. Use these stories to help you chart your path and avoid obstacles along the way. rest assured you will be on the right track.

Refined by Failure: Breaking Rules and Getting Burned

There is no question about it: failure hurts. But it is also an invitation to clarify our values, actions and relationships. In both business and our personal lives, failure is an invitation for wisdom – but only if we choose to listen.

Learning from failure brings us closer to success, and if we use it to drive us forward, then failure itself is only temporary.

This insightful and actionable book offers you 5 core lessons that every leader should know:

  1. The Problem with Being a Know-It-All
  2. How Vulnerability Creates Trust & Clarity
  3. The Count Down Clock: The True Value of Time
  4. Company Health: Profit First Is People First
  5. Complaining Doesn’t Work— Do This Instead
"A practical guide to transform not just your business, but also your life."
"The book consistently conveys the message that learning from both our failures and our successes is ultimately how we improve as human beings. The author carefully and thoughtfully lays out his 10 Rules to business and wisdom, and their application to everyday life. I truly enjoyed the author's honesty and willingness to share details, both good and bad, of his personal life and career experiences. Being in the infancy of my career and having a young family, I'm excited to take the knowledge and wisdom shared by the author and apply them to whatever life presents."
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Leaders are recognized when they are most successful. But the fact is, that successful recognition comes from being refined by their failures.

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Understanding the mistake and detecting the cause are one thing, but the weight of its responsibility is often a lot heavier than one might imagine.

Your employees might be expecting you to know the answers to all their questions... You might be trying not to show the amount of stress you are experiencing because they rely on your company to take care of their families...

You don’t want their trust to go in vain... You might feel alone and clueless in the darkness.


You might feel like you’re heading down a road riddled with ceaseless obstacles. But, you are never alone. Many aspirational leaders have gone down that path, felt the same feelings, and have already written about overcoming those obstacles.

This is exactly why Refined by Failure exists. Join us and let these real experiences light your gloomy road. Meet other leaders on the same journey. Find answers to your questions.
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When faced with challenging circumstances, it’s really easy to be afraid; to think you will fail and lose control.

It’s normal that you feel negative emotions.  It’s normal that questions are keeping you up at night.  It's normal to have self-doubt.
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The key to progression is the ability to stay a student. You may already have a lot of expertise, dazzling skills, and fountains of knowledge, but we leaders can never stop learning. And this time our teacher is going to be ourselves and our mistakes.

With Refined by Failure and its 4-part methodology, you will learn from your mistakes, face your fears, and take firmer steps towards your goals. You will be able to separate your private life and work-life. You will become that leader that you’ve always desired to be. And, most importantly, you will enjoy every second of your journey.
Wherever you are now, no matter what kind of failures you’ve had, shut out all the noise, negativity, fear, distractions, and lies. Make your first confident decision on your new journey now and let RBF walk with you.