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In every business leader's career, there will come a time that they have to make critical decisions that will affect many of the most important stakeholders in their life.
They may have to fire their best friend, or let a long-time executive or board member go. They may have to find capital or financing for their company. They could lose their largest customer, or have to make a drastic organizational change. Regardless of the matter, this big decision could affect themself, their family, their business partners, their team, and even their suppliers.
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When crucial decisions arrive, most leaders are already facing multiple challenges. For instance - their business could be unfocused, they are experiencing financial difficulties, they have made poor investments into growth that are not paying off, or they are bogged down with having too many things on their plate.
These issues bring about internal doubt that the leader will lose control, and make them unsure of how to choose the correct decisions. Sadly, even though these leaders may be successful on paper, many of them feel like frauds.


Refined by Failure believes that business leaders shouldn’t have to sacrifice their families and personal lives just to keep their businesses running. And that all leaders can be authentic, do something good, and refine their approach, by learning through failure.

You have everything you need to support those that depend on you.
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What we accomplish between our birth and death is what truly defines our success in life.
Refined by Failure was created to help business leaders to develop a process whereby they can teach their team to take appropriate risk that might result in failures.


We teach effective boundary setting and how to create a value system to lead by.
But because your team is making mistakes  inside of the confines of the set boundaries, it is safe to fail. And when that failure happens it is about education and learning, which can result in the business grow even faster.
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Business leaders that desire less volatility in their business, more peace, more sustainable relationships, more promises made and promises kept, to live a rewarding and intentional life, and success in business, need to learn to set boundaries.
Get the support, guidance, community, and someone to speak with that has learned to harness failure for growth.
Gain calm, assertive confidence in your leadership abilities and your business’s trajectory. Learn how to maintain clear communication with everyone you work with.
Create a team you can trust to lead the business to success, so you can delegate with confidence and completely “clock out” when you leave the office.

Core Features

Transition from feeling out of control and questioning yourself & purpose, to having control and confidence in your purpose and intentional decision making.