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Get both Refined by Failure and its companion, Refining Through Failure: The Guide in The Refined Bundle. 


Refined by Failure:


There is no question about it: failure hurts. But it is also an invitation to clarify our values, actions and relationships. In both business and our personal lives, failure is an invitation for wisdom – but only if we choose to listen.


Learning from failure brings us closer to success. And if we use it to drive us forward, then failure itself is only temporary.


Refining Through Failure: The Guide:


In Refining Through Failure: The Guide, a companion to Refined by Failure, Lloyd takes you deeper into the concepts behind being refined by your failures, rather than defining yourself by them. 


You will learn: Actionable steps to take to minimize repeat failures. How to be intentional about driving your own life story. How to use the lessons learned through failure. How using the EDGE Method can help your employees succeed—even when they fail. 


The only true failure is the one you don’t learn from. Become a "Trust and Inspire" leader by being refined, not defined, by your failures. 

The Refined Bundle

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